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Minecraft Version Changer Publisher's Description

Minecraft Version Changer provides a big list of Minecraft versions to choose from. It takes just seconds to change between versions. You can even generate a backup of your current jar file if you have any mods installed that you don't wan't to lose. Choose a version from the list, click on "Change" then let Minecraft Version Changer do the work for you.

What's New in Version 1.6.7_2 of Minecraft Version Changer

+ 13w11a - Client and Server. Fx MVC no longer require http://mcvc.in to be online. (Now connecting to http://tunkdesign.com/)
+ Minecraft 1.5.2 - Client and Server.
+ 13w18a - Client and Server.
+ 13w12_ - Client.
+ Special information for the following versions; Demo, 2.0 - Blue, 2.0 - Red and 2.0 Purple
+ Debug output is now shown without setting debug to TRUE in mvc.properties.
+ Detect if user is using or has used the new launcher, and acts based on what it finds.
+ Patching working on new launcher. (Creates a version in the list with the name "release MVC")
+ 13w16a - Client and Server.
+ 13w16b - Client and Server.
+ 1.5.2 Prerelease - Client and Server.
+ 13w17a - Client and Server.
+ 1.5.1 Prerelease - Client and Server.
+ Minecraft 1.5.1 - Client and Server.
+ Generate backup without patching.
+ Minecraft 2.0 BLUE - Client and Server.
+ Minecraft 2.0 RED - Client and Server.
+ Minecraft 2.0 PURPLE - Client and Server.
Fx Small bugfix. (Could download server on version without server)
Fx minecraft.jar isn't validated before patching. - InDev and InfDev on the new launcher. (MVC is now dynamic and wont display them if you are patching the new launcher)
Fx Cleaned code
Fx Download button not working after patching.
Fx Autoupdater not working.
Fx Alpha 1.2.6 server software version corrected


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